Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Rebirth of a Dragon: Chapte 21

Chapter 21


In case you were wondering, I am not dead. I have also decided that I will be continuing this story. For those still interested, excluding this week, I will be posting weekly on Saturday. If that comes to be too much I will figure out a different system.

  When Seth reached the payphone, he remembered that he didn't have her number. Not only that, but he wasn’t stupid enough to go back to the school and meet a non-human principal. “You’re not human, either,” piped the voice. “I don’t want to hear a word from you,” replied Seth. The voice asked, “Really? Even if I know a place we can go to?” Seth asked the voice why he should believe it and the voice responded by asking if he had any better ideas.

   It was in that moment that Seth realized that he was alone. Before this moment, he had never realized what that meant. He could not return home because of his father nor could he even go back to school and see his friends because of the stunt he had just pulled. He couldn’t even go back to the club because he doubted that he could figure out a way for Jack to let him stay another night. It was due to all of this that Seth reluctantly agreed to the voice’s offer.

    The voice said, “Good, now close your eyes.” After a split second the voice ordered him to open his eyes. The world that he saw was different than what he was used to. It was blue and white with lines running all around it. Seth said, “What did you do?” The voice said, “I’ll explain later, now do you see a bright gold line.” Seth said, “What are you-wait I see it!” The voice told him to follow it.

    As he followed the voice, Seth was struck with a feeling of familiarity. It felt as if he knew just who the line belonged to. Not only that, but he felt as if this was someone he could trust. He wondered why this was true. There was also the matter of the voice. He called it that because there really was no other name for it. It was hard to describe, but if he had to, he thought that the voice was the same as him, but different. It said things, that the pre-fight Seth would have never done, but the current Seth accepted. Not only that, but it felt as if the voice had two things that Seth lacked: control and memories.

    It was able to control Seth’s freaky dragon powers, but it did not feel as if it were a different entity trying to control Seth’s body with his own. Not only that, but it knew things. Things about Seth that he felt he should know. People, places, and experiences that were once his, but were now gone. It was a strange experience, living for sixteen years believing that nothing was wrong and then realizing that something had been taken away from him. Even after “his seal,” as Kane put it, had been broken; he still felt like the old Seth. Sure he was stronger and had dragon powers now, but he still cared about his friends and still liked the things that he liked before all this happened.

     The line lead him around New York for what seemed like hours, but was really only about thirty minutes. It continued on inside of a condo tower. When Seth went to enter it, the guard at the entrance stopped him and when questioned on why a kid was here. Seth surprised himself by saying, “I’m looking for Marcus Aelius.”